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The Mr. PA Football Elite Showcase is the longest running showcase event in Central Pennsylvania. The Eleventh Annual Showcase will take place on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 at Bishop McDevitt High School.

The showcase will feature over 50 College Football Coaches from all levels including FCS, Division II, and Division III. The showcase camp is designed for college coaches to observe the student-athletes in person. The athletes will be evaluated by college coaches during the entire showcase.  The staff has over ten years of experience running and organizing showcases and an impressive track record.

The goal is to provide student-athletes of all abilities and skill levels a combination of expert football instruction and to assist them in getting an early start in their recruitment.  The showcase is a tremendous opportunity for all student-athletes to gain valuable experience at all levels of college football and get identified before the college prospect camps kick off.

The eleven-year-old organization prides itself in having the best and most comprehensive network of college coaches in the region. Over the years college coaches from all levels have asked for results which included video clips and testing numbers from the showcase.

The staff will no longer be sending bulk emails to colleges across the region but instead will send the results to colleges for verification purposes if requested by the institution. Also, the team will send information from the showcase to FBS, FCS, Division II, and Division III programs whenever the school inquires about results. Colleges that are not able to attend the showcase and coaches that we have developed individual relationships with throughout the years will be sent the results by request.  Feel free to send the results to colleges that are showing interest in your recruitment.

Players participating in the showcase will be given the chance to earn exposure by competing against the best and most of all get noticed, get recognized, and get recruited by colleges. Showcase MVP’s, top performers, and video from the event will all be published on this website and for colleges to view the footage from the showcase camp. This showcase offers the best value, assistance, and tools to further advance your recruiting process after the showcase concludes.

FBS colleges cannot attend showcases in person per NCAA rules but FCS colleges (formerly Division I-AA)and Division II colleges can attend during the spring evaluation period. The Division III colleges can attend events at any time.

A good performance at the showcase will certainly help your ability to be recruited as colleges pay attention to top performers, the results, as well as the personalized showcase video available to athletes attending the event. Showcases catch the eye of the coaches and we have seen interest from colleges increase dramatically for prospects that performed well over the years.

Even if you are already being recruited or have offers you should attend the showcase. The showcase is a tremendous way to attract and even garner more attention of schools from the around the region. An outstanding performance can increase your offer list and your rankings with recruiting/scouting news services like 247 sports.

The showcase also is a great way to be taught by some of the best and learn from our coaches who will provide the greatest experience of any showcase you attend. Players at the showcase should expect to compete against the very best in this area. Fine tune and improve your technique and compete against the finest players from the Mid-Atlantic Region. It is important to prove and show college coaches you are a fierce competitor and don’t shy away from competition at the highest level.

A poor performance at the showcase will not hurt your ability to be recruited because of the “scratch rule”. The staff cares about the student-athletes first. We are here to assist and not hurt you and to help you gain necessary training. If any student-athlete does not like a particular mark, the time or mark may be scratched from the results of the showcase. Even so, college coaches put more emphasis on how players perform in pads. A disappointing time in the 40 will not lead to colleges dropping a player. At past events, running backs and wide receivers have run 4.8′s and linebackers run 5.2′s and still sign with major programs.